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Both Richard and Paula believe that much personal and church confusion could be helped by clearly distinguishing the tasks of the two halves of life. Much of institutional religion is concerned with the tasks of the first half of life. The need for adults is to move on to the tasks of the second half of life, which are much closer to the concerns of Jesus, Buddha and the mystics of all religions. Prepare for both stages to affirm and challenge you, and also recognize the immense implications for raising children and young people.
6 CDs  2004 St. Anthony Messenger Press (now Franciscan Media)

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Winter of the Heart
(Ave Maria Press, 2018)
A reflection about grief and its power to open the heart to the mystery of life, ultimately moving you not only toward change, but in the direction of healing and a greater understanding of love. "All of life is fragile.  But it isn't until loss rips away our protective shell that we fully understand these words." (from the Introduction) This slim volume is perfectly sized to fit in a purse or be given away by grief ministries.

the silence of words and light (2016)
A gift book of photography and words that bring together the beauty of the natural world with words to inspire reflection.

Stars at Night 
(Franciscan Media, 2016)
Stories of how everything changes when the heart breaks open to life, including the rising up of our potential to transform the world we are creating.  Darkness is seen, beyond its usual meaning, as an unfolding of light.
Recognized by the Independent Press Award 2017 competition as a distinguished favorite in the category of Grief.

The Divine Spark (formerly published as Red Fire) 
(Franciscan Media, 2016)
Written as visionary fiction, the story is of a young woman who lives in the town of Status and Quo, and leaves on a journey to follow her heart's deepest call and embrace life as Mystery.

Waking Up to This Day: Seeing the Beauty Right Before Us (Paperback)
(Orbis, 2009)

Advent: A Time of Hope Daily Advent Devotions
Advent heralds the night of Christ's birth and is a time of new life, anticipation and peace, this booklet proclaims. Best-selling author and internationally known speaker Paula D'Arcy brings a special sensitivity to these devotions, which will surely touch hearts as well as capture the "hope" of this holy season.

Sacred Threshold/Crossing The Inner Barrier To A Deeper Love (Paperback) 
(The Crossroad Publishing Co., 2007)
An evocative narrative about the nature of love and how we, too, might cross thresholds and participate more profoundly in the meaning of our own lives.
Revised edition. *Contains the story of Womenspeak.*

Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas
These reflections on Advent will move you gently to a more rewarding and fulfilling understanding of the season of Advent. This author describes--in real life terms--how we might approach Advent and what we can bring to make the season a rewarding and understanding journey for ourselves and for others.
By starting your day with a Daybreaks meditation, you'll be utilizing a meditative tool to slow your busy life and bring it closer to God. Find the best place for you to remain still and quiet. The daily reflections will only take moments, but if you use the meditations to contemplate how they fit into your life, you'll enjoy an Advent season that will clearly impact your life.

When People Grieve, Expanded, Revised and Updated: Overcoming Pain Through Love
(The Crossroad Publishing Company, Inc.; Revised and Updated edition (September 25, 2005))
Since the publication of her first bestseller Song for Sarah, Paula D'Arcy has become an internationally renowned expert in grief and bereavement issues. Now in a completely expanded, revised, and updated version of an earlier book, When A Friend is Grieving (Random House) Paula helps us understand how to cope with the process of grief and also how to reach out to others in the pain of grief. This classic manual is full of practical advice. 

Sacred Threshold/Crossing The Inner Barrier To A Deeper Love
(The Crossroad Publishing Co.,2004)
An evocative narrative about the nature of love and how we, too, might cross thresholds and participate more profoundly in the meaning of our own lives.

Seeking With All My Heart/ Encountering God's Presence in Scripture and Literature
(The Crossroad Publishing Co., 2003) Reflections on Scripture and quotations taken from the works of major Christian writers.

A New Set Of Eyes / Encountering the Hidden God
(The Crossroad Publishing Co., 2002)
A series of parables, meditations and reflections designed to open the reader to new awareness of God's presence in unsuspected places and forms.

Gift of the Red Bird / A Spiritual Encounter
(The Crossroad Publishing Co., 1996)
A story of Paula's spiritual journey, including her three day vision quest into the wilderness to wait for God to speak through creation.

When Your Friend Is Grieving / Building a Bridge of Love
(Harold Shaw Publishers, 1990)
How friends can help the bereaved in practical, everyday ways. Also specific helps for the bereaved as they navigate the holidays, and the many challenges of beginning anew. 

Song for Sarah / A Mother's Journey through Grief and Beyond

(Harold Shaw Publishers, 1979; Waterbrook Press, 2001; The Crossroads Publishing Company, 2009)
A collection of letters written before and after her daughter Sarah's death. This work about the transforming power of grief and loss has become a classic.
The 2001 and 2009 editions contains a new Afterword written by Paula's surviving daughter, Beth, in which Beth writes about the effects of being born into this legacy of loss.