• To teachers/ students in the former Communist occupied Lithuania for their healing and educational benefit
  • To Jewish/Palestinian women in the Middle East to attend trainings and retreats
  • To the Institute of Compassionate Presence, Peace Training Initiative in Des Moines, IA to further their work
  • To Truth Be Told Prison Ministry, Austin, TX to further their work in prisons
  • To Haitian children (for schooling) following the Earthquake in Haiti
  • To indigenous peoples in Greenland (Eskimos) to attend Healing Circles and benefit from the help available to reduce that country’s high rate of suicide
  • To survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana to rebuild their libraries and attend seminars and retreats
  • To newly released prisoners to help with start up expenses
  • To My Healing Place, Austin, TX , start up fees for incorporation,  as well as ongoing expenses for their work ministering to those experiencing significant or traumatic loss
  • To those in financial need to attend retreats and conferences, including those who are homeless, in transition, recently released from prison, or suffering from mental illness
  • To educational institutions for English language proficiency for those from abroad, and educational degrees (specifically individuals from Lithuania, Palestine)
  • To individuals to attend the Red Bird Foundation sponsored WOMENSPEAK conferences, especially women from other countries, those living in shelters, recently released from jail/prison, and anyone in great financial need
  • To individuals to attend the Red Bird Foundation sponsored Summit for the World, focused on the deep work of opening hearts and becoming a voice for peace
  • To provide a Yoga program for the Arkansas Cares Program, Little Rock, to support abused and mentally ill women in their rehabilitation
  • For Lithuanian children without financial resources to attend summer Nature camps and support their education in Nature and learning the oldest teachings of their culture


  • WOMENSPEAK 2007 and 2010, international gatherings of women, calling all races, creeds and cultures to come forward and use their considerable gifts to impact the world for peace and healing, making ongoing, powerful contributions to the world. San Antonio, TX and Mobile, AL
  • Grief seminars and healing retreats in the United States and in a variety of cities in Austria, as well as Sally’s House, a Salvation Army transitional home for women, Houston, TX
  • Retreats for women in recovery and those transitioning from homelessness in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Creation and performance of the play, “On My Way Home”, a dramatic portrayal of loss and the power of love and forgiveness to heal, including performance at a St. Louis, Mo treatment facility
  • 2008 – walking the Underground Railroad in AL to bring healing and a spirit of love to road ways where slaves fled in fear and terror


  • To Beyond Words, an Israeli based program helping Arab and Jewish men and women heal the fears, mistrust and anger generated by years of war. Also ongoing involvement in their trainings in Big Sur, CA to help leaders from Israel and Palestine promote healing and empowerment in order to become significant voices for peace
  • Assisting in the sale of goods from those in troubled/ disadvantaged areas in order to increase their voice in the marketplace and encourage their moving forward. Includes sale of goods to benefit Palestine (Bethlehem), Israel, Mexico, Lithuania, Uganda (Threads of Blessing), Tanzania, Bolivia, African children with Aids, and Native American Pukuu Community Services
  • Help for McKemie Place, Mobile, AL for women needing safe shelter, Penelope House in Mobile, AL, and the Mobile Metro Jail Ministry, an art in prison program
  • Monies to fund a building for retreats in Zuzu-Oke, Nigeria
  • Support to the MK Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence to help children living below the poverty line
  • Distribution of hundreds of booklets on grief and healing