In 2007 and 2010, Red Bird Foundation sponsored two international gatherings of women called WOMENSPEAK. These three day seminars, the first held in San Antonio in 2007, and the second in Mobile, AL in 2010 were each attended by over 1,000 women and were dedicated to breaking down barriers between cultures, religions, and economic realities.  Using a strong mix of dance, music, keynotes and workshops, women of all means and races joined together to find the one voice that unites us all.  Canadian singer Rena Gaile wrote these lyrics:  With hearts united we move mountains.

In 2011, as a result of these large gatherings, RBF began to bring together smaller groups of individuals to live for a week in close proximity in order to experience the uniting of hearts.  The first of these smaller circles was called Summit for The World, and by 2014 the groups have been renamed Life As Ceremony. Both WOMENSPEAK and the smaller circles represent the heart of the outreach of Red Bird Foundation:  To continue to open spaces in the world for the force of love to flow through. Author Stephanie Saldana says it well, “We are all novices…dedicating our lives to the practice of learning to love.” (from, The Bread of Angels)

See photos from WOMENSPEAK.